Undercover Missions Operation Kursk-141

Hunt for the traitor!

Board submarine Kursk K-141 and stop a criminal organisation stealing Russian weapon systems! You are agent Belyaeva, a secret agent hunting the criminal mastermind. After an undercover partner goes missing you must find the culprit before Kursk K-141 and the truth fall to the bottom of the ocean!

– Solve unique puzzles, engage with interesting characters, and hunt for clues in your search for the truth!
– Explore nearly 50 beautiful locations from towns to Kursk K-141’s submarine chambers
– Play through 9 thrilling chapters as you hunt for the traitor!
– 11 mini-game challenges test your skills and wit
– Set in Russia and based on a real-life event, explore a beautiful recreation of submarine Kursk K-141

€ 14.00

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